"Walk the talk" or "do what you say" is of utmost importance to us. We not only have corporate objectives but also a mutual basis - formed from our targets and values as a team. We are convinced that people who share the same values work together more successfully. This is another reason why the word AXIA (value) is part of our company name.


It is a matter of course that we exclusively employ consultants with years of international experience in industry and commerce, who have high social competence and act with method and efficiency. Which explains why we have fewer regulations and instead more freedom to act as entrepreneurs within the "guideposts".


Passion for Customers


  • The customer is our primary focus.
  • Challenging projects with added value for our customers are our passion.
  • Joint management of difficult projects and sharing our experience is more important to us than just providing staff.
  • We are proud of the high quality of our work and the success of our customers.
  • We provide the promised quality on time and within the agreed budget.
  • We are innovative and creative for the benefit of our customers.


Trust and Respect


  • We treat our customers, employees and partners fairly and with respect, regardless of their position or background. Our motto is: "Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself".
  • For us, transparency of information means not only "open doors", but also frank communication of information.
  • The entrepreneurial personal responsibility of our employees is important to us. Our employees decide for themselves how they will navigate under entrepreneurial aspects to reach their goals, and not through complex regulations.


Performance Orientation


  • We work in a target-oriented manner and with practical efficiency.
  • Our experts and service teams show personal responsibility in implementing their business.
  • We provide the best possible infrastructure and administrative support with respect to optimum value for money. Non-value creating tasks are outsourced.
  • Our consultants are flexible, cooperative and endeavour to continuously improve themselves and enhance the service for the customer.




  • The partner participation model ensures lasting value and service.
  • We are happy to help others.
  • Our work environment is characterized by lean hierarchies, cooperative management and respect.
  • We are fair.




  • The financial independence of the proaxia consulting group enables us to control our targets and to achieve them.
  • Clear legal structures: we avoid complex legal structure with no added value for the clients. Our goal is transparency and traceability. The legal structures must support the business model and cooperation with the clients.
  • We are honest and open in all issues.

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