The proaxia consulting group management has years of sector-specific experience and expertise in professional services. We consistently put this experience to work for the benefit of our clients:


  • Our lean support organization ensures that we have the right staff with the right information working with you on the spot.
  • Our scrupulous project management extends from assignment to invoicing and from change requests to documented completion.


Each senior manager and every staff member guarantees:


value delivered as promised

Dr. Peter Lindtner

CEO, President Board of Directors


Over 18 years experience in professional services, including successful management responsibility for numerous international projects. As a former member of the Executive Board, Dr. Lindtner played a primary role in establishing and developing a prominent Swiss corporate consultancy for many years.

He has in-depth knowledge both of industrial companies and of the retail sector, and has amassed detailed expertise in the field of international projects, particularly in the CIS/CEE countries.

Willy G. Wolf

CFO, Board of Directors


Over 25 years in the IT sector, including international management posts in finance and administration with a prominent computer manufacturer. Since then Mr. Wolf has spent over eight years in professional services.

He is responsible for the entire support functions at the proaxia consulting group. With his own experience in numerous international consulting projects and the expertise acquired as CFO of an international corporate consultancy, Mr. Wolf is dedicated to providing effective support for our consultants, helping them and our clients to implement projects with smooth efficiency.

Yoshihiko Maeda

Partner, Board of Directors


With over 30 years of experience in consulting in different executive positions in Asia (with focus on China and Japan), Maeda-san now sets up and develops the business of proaxia consulting group in Asia. Maeda-san has worked for leading IT and consulting providers and was able to build up an excellent network. These contacts and his proven ability in setting up successful subsidiaries in Asia are a great asset to our clients as well as to the entire group.

Jörg Bahnemann



Responsible for Service Supply Chain and Switzerland


For over 25 years, Jörg Bahnemann has been responsible for Production Optimization, Logistics and Supply Chain. He was employed at Landis&Gyr (today Siemens) and SAP (Switzerland) during which time he successfully held several management positions. In the positions Customer Engagement Manager, Overall Project Manager and Manager of the Consulting Units SCM, SRM, PLM and MDM, Jörg Bahnemann gained a strong reputation as an excellent expert in production, logistics and engineering. Profound knowledge of the Swiss market and its special requirements combined with comprehensive expert know-how make him a valued contact for our clients and staff.

Peter M. Brak



Responsible for Service Mobile Solutions and the proaxia methods


The use of mobile solutions as supplement to existing ERP solutions is gaining increasing significance in the implementation of business processes. Today’s Smartphones like iPhone, Google’s Android or other mobile end devices are increasingly used in business environments. 25 years of experience in combination with a wide range of national and international project management positions provide the optimum condition to conceive and implement mobile solutions and proaxia’s supporting method management. Peter M. Brak is PRINCE2 “Registered Practitioner in Project Management”. He is an extremely competent Project Manager who is able to optimally implement projects and an expert highly valued by customers and employees alike.

Oskar Glaser



Responsible for Service Business Intelligence


Oskar Glaser is responsible for the development of the Business Intelligence (BI) segment of the proaxia consulting group. For over 10 years he has designed and implemented innovative Business Intelligence solutions for customers. The pragmatic merger of current process key data and financial ratios that reflect the enterprise in its entirety are his core competence. Oskar Glaser has held leading positions for more than 20 years and combines excellent industry and consulting expertise.

Dr. Marcin Granowicz



Responsible for the local market in Poland and the standards of the products of proaxia


Dr. Marcin Granowicz is responsible for the local market in Poland and the standards of the products of proaxia. Since 1986 he has been continuously responsible for system integration and software development. His experience ranges from leading international teams with over 100 employees through to member of the Managing Board of a software development center. Thanks to the know-how backed by hundreds of implemented software and integration projects, his international orientation and high social competence, he is a valued contact for customers, partners and employees.

Rainer Lenk



Responsible for the Automotive – Wholesale and Retail segment


Rainer Lenk jointly heads the Automotive – Wholesale and Retail segment in proven collaboration with Klaus Neubrand. He is noted for his deep-rooted industry knowledge of wholesale and retail processes over a spectrum that extends from manufacturers / OEMs via importers to dealer level. His international experience of more than 20 automotive projects with a scope of up to 6,000 man-days makes him a partner of choice for our clients. What’s more, his proven management skills in the field of leadership and in the successful development of industry segments are of great value for proaxia as well as for our clients.

Klaus Neubrand



Responsible for the Automotive – Wholesale and Retail segment


Klaus Neubrand manages the Automotive – Wholesale and Retail segment in cooperation with Rainer Lenk. He has acquired 10 years of industry experience working on a series of national/international automotive projects for companies such as BMW, AMAG AG and IVECO (Turin). With his background in various management positions followed up by membership of senior company management at an international consultancy, he is a valued point of contact for our clients as well as staff and partners.

Jan Pedras

Managing Director for the Polish subsidiary


Responsible for the Software Development Center


With his over fifteen years of experience and his professional skills, Jan Pedras is one of the unrivalled software and development architects. He has successfully managed projects in over ten countries in different time zones. Especially with regard to development challenges in international roll-outs or roll-ins he is a valued contact for our clients. Moreover, he is responsible for the development of our Software Development Center with customized on-site and nearshore offers.

Max Simmen



Responsible for the manufacturing segment


Max Simmen has more than twenty years of experience in the IT and consulting industry. His professional expertise in sales, logistics, customer service as well as international project management and the know-how in IT management, business engineering and business processes enable him to design and implement excellent projects. In cooperation with Norbert Suter he is responsible for the development of the manufacturing segment.

Rainer Soehlemann



Responsible for the IT Management Consulting segment


Rainer Sohlemann is responsible for the expansion of the international business strategy and IT Management Consulting of proaxia consulting group. His extensive deeply founded international project experience and his active leadership qualities in the necessary transformation of enterprises and IT make him a highly appreciated partner for our customers. The core of responsibilities lies in the areas of Business transformation, business innovation in IT, strategy, Business Alignment of IT and enterprise architecture. Rainer Soehlemann has a diploma in sales management and possesses more than 16 years experience in international management consulting in leading positions.

Norbert Suter



Responsible for the International Manufacturing segment


Norbert Suter brings added strength to the International Manufacturing segment. He has extensive experience in advising industrial service and international manufacturing companies as well as in international project management. He is an outstanding project manager both in an international environment and in the intricacies of complex development projects. With his wide experience and pronounced social skills and professional competence, Norbert Suter is a valued manager and competent project partner for our clients.

Natalia Svetushkova

Managing Director Russia


Natalia Svetushkova has more than fifteen years of experience in globally leading IT and consulting enterprises such as SAP and Hewlett Packard. She has also set up her own company in Russia. Natalia combines Business Leadership, SAP ERP know-how and project management experience with excellent analytical and strategic thinking. She is accustomed to bridge the gap between DACH countries and Russia. Owing to her profound knowledge of the Russian market, its particularities as well as her comprehensive experience in international projects, she is a valued contact for our customers and management.

Zhaoyun Wei

CEO proaxia China


Zhaoyun Wei has been working in the SAP ERP environment for over 10 years, of which seven years directly for SAP Japan. During this period he was responsible for several successful key projects as project manager in Asia. Since 2005 he has been mainly active in China and co-responsible for the Chinese branch of an international corporate consultancy. Zhaoyun Wei not only bridges the gap between Japan, China and Europe; he is also an expert in IT management, SAP implementation and integration of supplementing products. He now has assumed responsibility as CEO for the development of the joint venture of proaxia consulting group in China.


The proaxia consulting group has set itself some ambitious goals. We aim to be the leading specialists in the key segments of our local markets. We are aiming for above-average growth, always with an awareness that we create lasting value for our clients.


value delivered as promised


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